Computer Lab

Today’s generation is techno upgraded. They cannot imagine life without computers, mobiles, tablets & laptops. For any information from any corner an any subject they are just a click away.

Hence, no school of this in a can part education without a upgraded &fully loaded computer labs and teachers who have really mastered the subject.

At Happy M/Garh it was the first facility which was set right from the beginning of the school. The school has 2 computer labs with 50 sets each and 6 export teachers who are busy round the clock to expertise students is this field so that they became the best techno of the country & help in its development.

One laboratories cater to students learning C++ in classes XI and XII; another is dedicated to classes VI and X where MS Office, Access, HTML and DHTML is taught.


Thanks to the thoughtful management.

Happy EverGreen School, Mohindergarh has demonstrated tremendous growth, commitment to quality and a unique and a fresh approach to education and has a risen to prominence in the locality. Our effort is directed towards global education integrated with innovative use of technology to develop global citizens through a holistic approach.....