Arts & Craft Room

 If someone asked a question as what is Art, Craft & Painting? What possible answers could be? Say drawing means sketches with colours, paintings means expressions with colours but then there is another questions as where from the inspiration comes to create beautiful art & paintings some of which become immortal &timeless.

The best possible answer is ‘NATURE’ Created by ‘Almighty’, believe or not the inner talent of art is present in every human being, it only needs training.

In good schools like HAPPY M/Garh this activity is so planned in so many various ways that every students & teacher gets a fair chance to express themselves with the help of colours & sketches.

Another great benefit of Art is when taught to children of very young age they develop fine & artistic handwriting. This is Gandhian thought of good hand writing. All parents must help their loved ones to develop this beautiful talent.

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